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Process leading

Selling the dream

When the business man Craig Cohon was about to sell his luxury summer house at beautiful Ingarö he needed a process that challenged the real estate market. Linda was the innovation manager and process leader.

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Pilot study

Smart access

Many real estates owners struggle with the administration off keys and access. This is also a sweet spot to the rental guest that needs to fell safe according to their access to the apartment. Linda made a pilot study and was also process leader for the market dialog. The client was a large real estate company in Stockholm. 

Linda also made two pilots in AI, one to Lantmäteriet in using AI to manage data in the city planning. The other one was using AI to save energy and create a better indoor climate to real estate owners. 

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Image by Ekaterina Shakharova

Product development


Did you know we have 1,3 million people in Sweden who have a family member in need of care and support in their homes?

It takes a huge effort from the relatives to make sure everyday passes with security, good health and worthiness, both for the elderly and their relatives.

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